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Four-Week Radiologic Pathology Correlation Course

This course provides a comprehensive review of radiologic imaging with emphasis on the principles of radiologic-pathologic correlation. Approximately 95 percent of U.S. radiology residents attend the course at some point during their training. All imaging modalities are discussed and the lectures cover the radiologic presentation of a broad range of diseases and pathologic basis from all organ systems.


Categorical Courses

Categorical courses range from two to five days and are presented within the four-week course to provide radiologic pathologic correlation based on the need for both radiology residents and practicing radiologists to understand how the underlying pathology of a lesion relates to its imaging appearance. In 2012, AIRP will offer musculoskeletal, pediatric radiology and neuroradiology categorical courses.


AIRP on the Road - International Courses

AIRP faculty will teach radiologic pathology correlation courses in several European locations in 2012 in collaboration with the the host countries' radiology associations.